6-8/1/2020 – Co-Morbidity

I have been rough with a series of quick succession migraines during the last couple of days. Like as soon as I thought it was over, I got hit with another. By yesterday, I had to just turn everything off, blackout my room and die a thousand deaths. I'm still quite 'hungover' with the after … Continue reading 6-8/1/2020 – Co-Morbidity

5/5/2020 – Caring too much…or not enough?

(I use the term 'trigger words' to demarcate content that deals with some issues that may affect those with PTSD and/or other trauma. I cannot cover all eventualities but do try to put them alongside content where they might be needed) TRIGGER WORDS: NEGLECT, CHILD DEATH, SUICIDE It is said by some that to qualify … Continue reading 5/5/2020 – Caring too much…or not enough?